SATIE additional spatializers

Internship title

Additional spatializer types for SATIE


SATIE is our in-house audio spatializer that aims to be flexible, robust and supports many different arrangements of speaker arrays. This internship aims at bringing more spatialization techniques to SATIE.


  • Participate in the ideation
  • Review the literature that documents and discusses spatialization techniques
  • Develop and test spatializer plugins for SATIE (using the SuperCollider framework)
  • Participate in the development of a demo (video or live)
  • Participate in the life of the laboratory: scrums, code review, etc.
  • Document the work and ensure its reproducibility.

Context and software

  • Linux OS
  • Digital signal processing
  • SuperCollider, bash
  • 3D audio and ambisonics
  • VR/AR
  • Optional: Python


Please send your CV to


Please send your CV to