Audiodice speaker calibration

Internship title

Audiodice calibration


This interships aims to calibrate audiodice speakers, a set of 5 dodecahedron with one speaker per side.

This type of speaker needs to be calibrated in two ways: - Frequency response - Directivity of the speaker depending it's configuration (single speaker at once, omnidirectional pattern)

From this calibration data, we will be able to create a profile of the audiodice and use it to enhance the sound reproduction. It will also help to create audio spatializer thanks to the directivity knowledge.


  • Participate in the measurements
  • Explore existing in-house and other tools for similar tasks
  • Experiment and develop or improve existing in-house tools or pipelines involving other tools
  • Participate in the development of a demo (video or live)
  • Participate in the life of the laboratory: scrums, code review, etc.
  • Document the work and ensure its reproducibility.

Context and software

  • Linux OS
  • Digital signal processing
  • Python (numpy), bash
  • 3D audio and ambisonics
  • Optional: SuperCollider


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